Monday, July 13, 2009

bridesmaid dresses

I wasn't really trying, but came across a post on Style Me Pretty that showed some beautiful bridesmaid dresses that I really like.

Okay, so they're kinda hard to see in these pictures. If you want a closer look, click here. The bride wrote on the site that her girls' dresses are Butter by Nadia. Cool site, but CRAZY expensive. I would never expect my girls to pay over $250 for a dress they're going to wear for a day - even if these are ones that you might actually wear again.

Well, I did a little research and looks like there are some alternatives. I had seen Two Birds Bridesmaids before, which is the same concept, and pretty much the same price tag. What I did find that I'm excited about is a dress from Victoria's Secret that's pretty darn close!

It's the same idea, that you can twist the straps around to different styles. Theirs is called the Convertible Dress and it's only about $100! That's more like it! I ordered one to see for myself if I liked it and how it fit, and I figure if it's a no-go I can always return.

See, once again - don't pay the big bucks until you do a little research first!

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