Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bachelorette party gift buckets

So I survived my bachelorette party in Vegas last weekend & one of the "projects" I decided to take on was to make gift buckets (instead of baskets?) for the rooms. I figured this would be a nice treat for the girls who so graciously joined me on this trip to help me celebrate! :) Here's some pics of the buckets I made...

I found the pink buckets at Target in the dollar bin (score!). I was originally going to fill the chinese take-out boxes with goodies for each girl, but this was so much more economical.

I filled the bottom of the buckets with kraft paper crinkle filler (?) that I found at Michael's on sale. Next, we (and by we I mean my mom and I) tied the pink, silver & black beads together with pink ribbon. I wrote each girl a little note thanking them for joining me and how much they meant to me - that's what the scrolls are with the names on them. I filled them up with advil, lots of snacks I bought at Trader Joe's, Bachelorette Party napkins & plates that I bought at Party City, pins with funny sayings and mini cans of Champagne with the paper pink straws. I found the straws on ebay for a great deal (25 for $4).

I wanted all the girls to have the champagne together on our second night out so I attached little notes that said "Please save me for Saturday night!". I knew some of them would see the goodies and dive right in :)

Here's some more pictures of the trip!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm feeling inspired by this picture I just saw on SMP...

Isn't this a beautiful alternative to a normal corsage? I bet this would not be too hard to make either, if the right bracelet was found....

awesome tool

On twitter today I saw a link to this very helpful tool from Real Simple. Awesome!

Wedding Wine & Liquor Calculator

Based on this tool, here's what Real Simple suggests we need for our 100 person wedding.

100 Guests
Red Wine: 12 bottles
White Wine: 12 bottles
Champagne: 20 bottles
Beer: 120 bottles
Vodka: 4 bottles
Gin: 2 bottles
Rum: 2 bottles
Bourbon: 2 bottles
Scotch (blended): 1 bottle

...Lord knows we're going to have PLENTY of liquor. We're doing a keg for the beer, which is the equivalent of 160 bottles. Perfect. My plan is to hit up the 5 cent wine sale today at Bev Mo to look for some Wine & Champagne options. Cheers! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

to do...

As I near the "100 more days" mark I'm starting to realize I still have a hefty list of things to do....

* Finish assembly of invitations & start addressing labels -- DONE
* Figure out postage of invitations & purchase stamps -- DONE
* Shop for & purchase wedding bands -- DONE
* Finish details of wish tree (my demise and ultimate source of panic and hatred at the moment)
* Purchase under garments for wedding day -- DONE
* Find pictures of hair style for day of wedding & run-through with stylist. Confirm make up artist -- DONE
* Find & purchase bridesmaid gifts -- DONE
* Find & purchase groomsmen gifts -- DONE
* Schedule final dress fitting -- DONE
* Figure out amount of wine, beer, & champagne needed for wedding -- DONE (see above)
* Re-inventory liquor and determine amount needed for day of
* Figure out amount of mixers for wedding bar -- DONE (3 mixers per bottle of booze)
* Print/Make ceremony programs -- DONE (just need to finish)
* Finalize ceremony & email officiant -- DONE
* Find & send out rehearsal lunch invitations -- DONE
* Figure out music for wedding ceremony & "do not play" list for reception -- DONE
* Meet with DJ three weeks before wedding -- DONE (appointment made)
* Figure out escort cards (limit the hundreds of ideas running through my head) -- DONE!!!
* Finalize schedule
* Seating
* Send invitations -- DONE!


Monday, May 10, 2010

numbering RSVP cards

This seems like a great tip...I've already stuffed my RSVP cards but may go back and number, or number the envelope so I hopefully don't have this problem...from "I Will" to "I Do" (very helpful, great blog)

Don't Forget to Number Your RSVP Cards

My aunt is getting married in a few weeks and told me that she got an RSVP card back with no name and no return address. I immediately asked if she had numbered her RSVP cards and she answered, "obviously not."When you are putting your wedding invitations together number the lower corner of the back of the RSVP cards and make a list - on paper or on your computer (maybe on an excel sheet that also tracks your will/will not attend) - where a guest name or couple corresponds to each number. This way when you get an RSVP card back in the mail with no name or return address you can easily figure out who sent it back and you won't have to worry about calling everyone you are waiting to hear back from to see if they were the nameless guest.


I need shoes to wear with this dress.

go buy one of these...now

Everyone needs a Bone Folder. Well...maybe not everyone, but if you're putting together anything for your wedding, a shower, party, any kind of paper good or craft...then yah, you need one of these.

One might think, hmm...how would I use a bone folder?

I'm currenty using mine for the daunting task of assembling our wedding invitations - and I've used it for every step of the process. I also used it for putting together our Save the Dates (the evelope lining), assembling the photo books for my bridesmaids, and other crafty projects I've done around the house...since you know I'm so crafty.

It's great for scoring paper before you fold it, making good creases (a good crease is definitely under-rated), and pressing paper after you glue it.

$4.99 at Michael's in the Martha Stewart Craft section. Or buy it here.

Go. Now. Buy. Fold. Enjoy :)

You're Welcome....