Tuesday, June 8, 2010

awesome tool

On twitter today I saw a link to this very helpful tool from Real Simple. Awesome!

Wedding Wine & Liquor Calculator

Based on this tool, here's what Real Simple suggests we need for our 100 person wedding.

100 Guests
Red Wine: 12 bottles
White Wine: 12 bottles
Champagne: 20 bottles
Beer: 120 bottles
Vodka: 4 bottles
Gin: 2 bottles
Rum: 2 bottles
Bourbon: 2 bottles
Scotch (blended): 1 bottle

...Lord knows we're going to have PLENTY of liquor. We're doing a keg for the beer, which is the equivalent of 160 bottles. Perfect. My plan is to hit up the 5 cent wine sale today at Bev Mo to look for some Wine & Champagne options. Cheers! :)

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