Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bachelorette party gift buckets

So I survived my bachelorette party in Vegas last weekend & one of the "projects" I decided to take on was to make gift buckets (instead of baskets?) for the rooms. I figured this would be a nice treat for the girls who so graciously joined me on this trip to help me celebrate! :) Here's some pics of the buckets I made...

I found the pink buckets at Target in the dollar bin (score!). I was originally going to fill the chinese take-out boxes with goodies for each girl, but this was so much more economical.

I filled the bottom of the buckets with kraft paper crinkle filler (?) that I found at Michael's on sale. Next, we (and by we I mean my mom and I) tied the pink, silver & black beads together with pink ribbon. I wrote each girl a little note thanking them for joining me and how much they meant to me - that's what the scrolls are with the names on them. I filled them up with advil, lots of snacks I bought at Trader Joe's, Bachelorette Party napkins & plates that I bought at Party City, pins with funny sayings and mini cans of Champagne with the paper pink straws. I found the straws on ebay for a great deal (25 for $4).

I wanted all the girls to have the champagne together on our second night out so I attached little notes that said "Please save me for Saturday night!". I knew some of them would see the goodies and dive right in :)

Here's some more pictures of the trip!

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