Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the five love languages

This weekend Travis' family was in town which was so fun - I love spending time with his big, crazy family and all the little kiddos (new neices and nephews)! One of his sisters had brought the book The Five Love Languages with her and we discussed it at length.

There's a quiz in the book, one for males and one for females, to discover your "Love Language". The idea behind the book is that each of us receives and feels love in a different way - words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, acts of service, or quality time. It's interesting to think how you receive love, and how you show love - usually the way you might show someone you love them is the way you think you'd like love to be given to you. Often though, your spouse/significant other receives love differently.

After taking the quiz we realized my love language is words of affirmation - I love me some compliments! :) Trav's love language is gifts, which is a tough one for me! This makes so much sense though, he is so good at giving, and loves giving thoughtful gifts.

What love language do you think you are?? :)

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