Wednesday, August 19, 2009

facebook love

CUTE...(kinda creepy?)

About 100 guests are expected to gather at a Florida yacht club this October for Kelly Hildebrandt's wedding -- to Kelly Hildebrandt.

Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt says she was bored one night last year and decided to search Facebook for her own name to see if anyone shared it. Kelly Carl Hildebrandt of Lubbock, Texas, came up as the only match.

The two exchanged e-mails, then occasional phone calls. Eventually that turned into daily conversations, sometimes lasting for hours. After a few months, he visited her in Florida, and that cinched it. Last December, she found a diamond engagement ring hidden in a treasure box on a beach.

While the couple says it's fun sharing a name, there have been complications. They nearly had a cruise canceled when a travel agent deleted one ticket on their reservation, thinking it was a duplicate entry.

The couple are including their middle names on the wedding invitations to save confusion. And, they've ruled out naming any children Kelly.
Story of ABC News

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