Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well hello there...

Yikes, looks like I haven't been here in a while, which is okay. I guess that means I've been busy busy --

Last weekend I went to San Diego to visit some friends, and three of us took the Amtrak to San Clemente to do some "research" for the wedding. It was amazing. We ate at Beach Fire Grill on Avenida Del Mar, where we're having the Rehearsal Lunch. We'll be having a lunch, rather than a dinner, because our wedding is on a Sunday. Therefore, there's a wedding going on that night so we have to rehearse at noon. Which means lunch! Yum!

We drank Zangrias - uhmm YUMMY -- made with Strawberry Vodka & Pinot Noir among other delicious things. I had a salad with chicken and goat cheese, Laura ate a chicken sandwich and side salad, and Kristin had steak tacos, which I was mildly obsessed with. Also, I have to say that Chris, the manager has been great. The ability to answer an email in an appropriate time is definitely underrated. I'm definitely looking forward to having our rehearsal lunch at Beach Fire.

From there, we ventured out to a few local bars to continue our "research". One condition of our venue is that we're out by 10:00pm, so we definitely need a location for an after party. We went to Goody's (which Kristin & I realized we had been to before when we walked in), definitely our kind of place. Dive bar...cheap drinks...pool...Wii...darts...dance floor...giant Captain Morgan in the corner...awesome. Looking forward to giving this place some business with our craziness. See ya Labor Day weekend!

Here we are...with the Captain at Goody's.

And here Kristin & I are waiting for the train...

I love you girls. SOOO much fun :)

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